I have noticed from that last few Senators games that the Ottawa Senators are starting to fial at just about every occation. Every morning when my alarm turn on to Team 1200 I hear tham Smashing and Bashing The Ottawa Senators for Failing on the Game the previous night!! It seems to me that some changes (A.K.A. firin Murry or Clouston) will be made and I hope to make things better that they happen very very soon because I want the Senators to make the playoffs this year and hope that they will eventually win the Stanly Cup!!
I ML88 think that the Toronto Maple Leafs suck because not only are thier players partially heartless but so are their fans. Take the one hit that Darcy Tucker had on Daniel Alfredsson they cheered Tucker on afte rhe hit him but the fans booed Alfie when he got up!! I find that just hard to understand why they would ever do suh a thing. I have also noticed that anyone who playes for the Leafs it is as if their soul has been possesed and they become overcompetitive and mean. A Guy could be the nicest  player in the league then go to Toronto and comeback totally changed. It is kind of wierdçç