My faqvorite movie of all timeis Police Academy's 1-4 they all really funny and though they are before my time I find them as some of the funneiest movies you could ever watch. My favorit character is Jones the sound effects guy, he adds a lot of comedy to the Police Academy movies and helped to deveop the story.

(Police Academy Movies 1984-1994)

Tell me what you think and what tyour favorite movie is.
My favorite show that was ever on th air was Corner Gas. It is the kind of show that has a combination of everything that you could ever want in a Tv show that is based in a small town in Saskatchewan. It also shows that when you get the right mix of people together to make a show good things happen. I personally Think that my favorite character in it is Hank Yarbo. He is  stupid, funny and totally awesome. I am sad that around two years ago they took the show off the air. The new shows Dan for Mayor and Hiccups are not as good as Corner Gas was and will almost never be.